Is it worth??

It is our common experience that people as per we know sometimes speak worth zero.Come on! Hunman beings are meant to do something different & talking about non- worthy speaking look at the dogs they bark daily.
Life goes on & time flies away, have you ever noticed that while sleeping we even don’t remember that what we did whole day because it was not worth remembering by the brain. It is but obivious that our brain keeps the records of those things which are worth recording.
All day we speak nonsense, speak only one thing and end the show should be our attitude.
Yesterday while I was lying on bed I realized that what I did today had done nothing in my life but just deducted one valuable day of my life. What if I die tomorrow? Than at that time I would be blaming myself for wasting that day. But now while writing this I remembered that even I do all the stupid things like today during recess was talking about that film worth talking? & now I remember a dialogue from Shakespeare’s novel that ” I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done, than to be one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching.”


43 thoughts on “Is it worth??

  1. Nicely presented. I like it. At least best article quality is to connect and provoke/enlighten you to think.

    Have you ever seen a mirror from back side. I don’t know but I read that there is dark side of the moon.
    But actually I haven’t seen. Writer predict the possibility. Like every one noticed dog only barks. Because I do not understand its language.
    But body language says that dogs are faithful. Every bit of it.
    I was born. Is it my choice. No
    Earlier in our times I am born only out of love. But now a days a child is born out of all the calculations made. Even today in this society
    Every now and then cases of aborting girl child. Here lies the point. From where this thought grow. No education is giving you these lessons. Even God is writing a script to make the story a box office hit.
    But this is really worth to wake up the society by writing such articles
    Good work.

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  2. It does makes us think what we are doing right now. Is it worth it? Like reading this post. And I must say, it was definitely worth it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Keep writing. 🙂
    And recess ? What class are you in?

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  3. How true.. Making life worthwhile is in our hands and yes doing nothing noteworthy is a waste of enormous talent u had within.
    Time and tide waits for none and before u sleep , sleep with a satisfaction that u did something remarkable today..

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